Monday, October 12, 2009

Miguel Torres Fights Again!

Miguel Torres has an an official record of 37-2. He has a work ethic that can't be matched and he has fire in his eyes. He needs the respect of every warrior in the fight world.

He is now ready to fight anyone. He competes becomes his way of life demands that he match life's toughness with his own brand of fighting and determination. The 150 pound demon fights for honor, a thing lost to most people these days.

He learned from the streets and can now do nothing else until he conquers and then he will hang it up and move to training and simply live.His blood and sweat have prepared him to return to the ring and fight any fighter. He has already shown that he can overcome a loss and dominate his field. Torres doesn't rely on the idea of winning to fight, like many fighters, he doesn't doubt himself because it isn't about winning... Miguel Torres has to fight. He has no choice, his own confidence demands that he test himself against all odds.

Can he face his demons?

He already has. He is zen and as such he sees nothing else in this life. Torres understand the fighting world like few fighters today. They are using fighting to become something else, the person they never felt they were inside. But Miguel knows who he is, he understand his place in life and is happy watching his children and being with his friends in the gym preparing to fight. He is, like Fedor Emelianenko, one of the most centered fighters today, and anyone can see that by watching them fight. They don't stick to game plans, they have transcended plans, their fighting is natural, habit even, and so he reacts with ferocity and skill where others would be confused.

UFC fighting is something few people understand. Most people enjoy MMA as a fan, some love it as a sport, others because of their dreams, but Miguel is Mixed Martial Arts. He pushes to excel where others would only push because they desperately want to be part of that group of elite warriors. There is no desperation in Miguel Torres's fighting, only the will to bend his opponent.

Brian Bowles was able to knock Torres out but in no way did he change Torres. Miguel will be back and slugging it out and if he has a choice he would like nothing more than to fight Bowles once again.

In the MMA world only Silva], Fedor and Torres have that look in their eye that strikes fear into opponants. People don't want to fight those guys because if they do they just might get destroyed. It's animal instinct. If you get hurt in the wild, you very likely will die. That's the only way to look at it.

If you get hurt the pack doesn't care they leave you behind, you try to survive Your only change is to stay with the pack.

Miguel is coming back. Count on it!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Miguel Torres WEC

Miguel Torres - WEC bantam weight champion.

Torres is the current title holder at 135 pounds. He's fought five times for the economically embattled WEC. In a war for ratings the UFC is often seen as the bad guy. Fighters can't go anywhere else and earn the money the UFC pays. They have to take the fights that Dana White wants and they have to take the money he wants to give them.

The WEC has latched onto the lighter weight classes in order to break into the market. With the rise and Uriah Faber and Miguel Torres the WEC had two charismatic superstars. But Faber has since lost two close fights gainst Mike Brown and his career is curretnly in limbo.

Here are Torres' five fights in the WEC.

Torres vs Takeya Mizugaki (win) Decision
Torres vs Manny Tapia (win) TKO
Torres vs Yoshiro Maeda (win) TKO
Torres vs Chase Beebe (title fight win) Submissions by Choke
Torres vs Jeff Bedard (win) Submission

His TKO victory over Manny Tapia earned him $44,000 dollars which was double or more what the other fighters earned. Miguel has been a great draw, the mexican crowd cheers wildly and the die hard MMA fans love his brutal style and superior technical knowledge of ju jitsu.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Miguel Torres vs Brian Bowles

Miguel Torres will take on 7-0 Brian Bowles for the WEC bantam weight title of the WEC. The event is WEC 42 and features the weight class' title holder and top contender.

Location: The Joint (Hard Rock Hotel and Casino)
Date: Aug. 9
TV: Versus
Torres: 36 - 1
Bowles: 7 - 0

Bowles Last Fight Summary: Bowles' last victory came in WEC 37 against Ribeiro. Even though Ribeiro gave him a great fight he eventually beat Ribeiro via third-round submission.

Miguel Torres Last Fight Summary: Torres defeated Takeya Mizugaki - unanimous decision, his 17th victory in a row, including five straight wins in the WEC.

Miguel Torres

When Carlos Gracie founded the now world famous fighting technique "Gracie Ju Jitsu" in Brazil he had no idea his best fighter would be a skinny kid from East Chicago, Indiana. But Miguel Torres wasn't finished. In fact, Miguel Torres was just getting started.

In stunning fashion opponents quickly found out that this fighting machine that Carlson Gracie proclaimed his "best student ever" was more than the typical Ju Jitsu fighter bent on luring opponents in and then scoring a take down where he could use his skill on the mat to wrangle a submission or ride out a victory.

Instead they realized very quickly that Miguel was something much more. His striking game is diciplined, effective and has punished more than one fighter in spectacular fashion. His black belt Ju Jitsu turned into just one more tool that he could punish opponents with. And opponents understood that Torres was not bent on a winning, when he walked into the ring it was to make the man across the ring from him suffer and he did it very well.

Miguel Angel Torres
Birthdate: Jan 18th 1981
Birthplace: Indiana, USA
Graduate: Purdue University

Miguel Torres is one of the first MMA fighters of this generation to amass a record that has 30 or more wins and that's with a single loss. His fighting style is often described as brutal, but very technical. He is comfortable in every part of a fight mainly because of his uncounted amateur fights which number in the 20's. That's more than 50 fights with a single loss. Nothing short of amazing.

Miguel is proud of his Mexcian heritage and is proud to be born an American. Because he grew up in American his Mexican relatives tended to see him as an outsider but in the states because he was Mexican he was also seen as an outsider. Perhaps, this frustrating situation led to Torres' wrath in the ring. But what was once a frustration for Miguel has turned into a boon, as both American and Mexican fans are gathering to watch this slim, fierce, mixed martial arts icon enforce his will on the MMA world.

Miguel Torres:

Bantam Weight: #1 Pound for Pound Ranking
All Around: #4 Pound for Pound Ranking

Miguel Torres Growing Up

A boy growing up with a poster of Bruce Lee on the wall somewhere in the midwest of the United States. Practicing kicks and hoping to one day become the perfect weapon. Hoping against hope that will alone can propel a man to legendary status. For many children this dream remains exactly that... a dream.

But for one Mexcian American kid this dream met up with a slim, tall figure seeminly ill-suited to be in a fighting tournament with men weighing 25-60 pounds more than him. That man was Royce Gracie legendary winner of the very first world wide mixed martial arts competition: UFC #1.

Two years later he was fighting in smoking bars, often the only Mexican-Amercian in the place, against much larger competition with fans that rabidly wanted him to lose. But like the Martial Arts world those unfortunate men were not ready for Gracie Ju Jitsu.

Welcome to the Big Time, kid...

Miguel Torres finally got his big shot at the big time at WEC 30. Not the more famous big brother the UFC, the WEC had still garnered a reputation for attracting top level talent at the lower weight classes. Torres was one of those "talents" and he proved it in impressive fashion right out of the gate.

When UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir watched a Miguel Torres fight he instantly became a believer. This is from a champion who has dominated the competition with Ju Jitsu and so knows how to recognize true talent. Mir says Torres has a, "warrior mindset." Torres had come into his own. He has become the current mind over matter superstar that Royce Gracie once was.